About us

We represent the company “Askangel Alliance”, a bentonite factory located in Georgia, Ozurgeti, Dvabzu. The main activity of our company is the extraction and processing of bentonite clays. Our company owns a factory equipped with the latest German-made equipment. The factory also has its own laboratory staffed by professionals with many years of experience in this area. Our company owns two quarries, due to which we can produce a wide range of finished products. Our products are exported to countries such as:Post-Soviet and West European countries (Germany, Italy, Finland, etc.), as well as Serbia, Turkey, Israel and Poland and other prominent markets.

Our production of bentonite

The deposition of the ashes of underwater volcanoes in the sea water twenty million years ago led to the formation of clay mined in large quantities in the Guria region. It was bentonite clay, which was later called Ascanian bentonite clay in its geographical location. A new stage in the extraction of bentonite began in 2011, connected with the discovery of the Vanisked and Uchkhub mines for the extraction of Askan bentonite clay. It should be noted that the local clay is considered to be the best, as its natural chemical composition exceeds the properties of its counterparts and similar material. It is also worth noting that the Vanisked and Uchkhub mines have a stock of tens of millions of tons. Since 2011, Askan bentonite clay has been exported to the European market and the demand for bentonite has been constantly growing, among others, from the post-Soviet and Western European countries.

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