The products are made from bentonite clay from the Askan field, predominantly of natural sodium form, which is characterized by high dispersion and high swelling index, forms stable suspensions with a low solids content.
Bentonite powder is intended for use as a thickener and structurant of drilling fluids (drilling fluids) when drilling oil and gas wells, as well as wells of various purposes.
Bentonite powder is also used when constructing pile foundations, constructing underground parts of buildings and structures using the “wall in soil” method, building underground utilities by tunneling and microtunneling, strengthening soil to increase their bearing capacity, and constructing impervious screens with various technologies as a structure-forming agent. additives in concrete for various purposes, etc.
Technological processing of raw materials consists in the preparation of raw materials (stone separation, grinding, grinding of wet bentonite with additives), two-stage drying and subsequent grinding. Drying is carried out in a special dryer, ensuring the maximum possible preservation of the colloidal chemical properties of bentonite. The grinding of pre-dried raw materials is carried out in a roller-pendulum mill with drying to the required level of humidity and the classification of the obtained powder on a dynamic type separator.
To adjust certain indicators of product quality, raw materials can be pretreated with inorganic salts of sodium, magnesium (activation) or organic reagents.
Several grades of bentonite clay powder for drilling fluids are produced: ASKANGEL D 16, ASKANGEL D 20, as well as products according to the Specification of the Customer.
Bentonite mud powder for drilling fluids is produced in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 13500, section 11, grade OCMA, as well as according to the specifications of the customer.
Quality indicators of bentonite powder for drilling fluids.
Indicator Limits of opportunity
Powder Properties
8,0 – 12,0
Sieve residue with a mesh of 0.063 mm., (in %)
Bulk weight, g/cm.3
0,8 – 0,85
Suspension properties (22.5 g per 350 ml.) – according to ISO 13500, section 11
Yield of standard viscosity solution, m3/t.
16 – 22
The scale of the Fann-35 viscometer at 600 rpm.
30 – 45
The volume of filtrate, ml.
12 – 16
The ratio of yield / plastic viscosity, YP / PV
3 – 6
The residue on the sieve with a grid of 0.075 mm, mass. %
1,0 – 2,5
Bentonite mud powder for drilling fluids is produced according to the requirements of:
  1. The standard of the enterprise of Georgia STP GR 22983003-001-2017;
  2. International Standard ISO 13500, developed on the basis of the API 13a American Petroleum Institute Standard;
  3. Customer Specifications.