Bentonite clays are a unique natural absorbent with a high rate of moisture absorption and rapid absorption of odors. When absorbing liquid, bentonite forms a sufficiently strong lump that allows you to collect and easily remove animal waste products from the tray. Thanks to these natural properties, bentonite clays are ideal raw materials for the production of cat litter materials.

Requirements for fractional bentonite for cat litter

 № Basic quality indicators Value
1 Fraction 0,5-5,0 1,0-2,0
2 Moisture content, % 9-12 9-12
3 Colour Beige, light gray
4 Smell Natural clay
Additional indicators – at the request of the consumer
5 Bulk density, g / cm3 0,9-1,1 0,9-1,1
6 Lump weight, g (20 ml. H2O) max. 65 max. 55
7 The diameter of the lump, cm max. 6,0 max. 5,0
8 The height of the lump, cm max. 4,5 max. 3,5

For cat litter products are manufactured according to the requirements:

  1. Georgian Enterprise Standard СТП ГР 22983003-001-2017
  2. Customer Specifications