Askangel Alliance Ltd. The headquarters of our company is located at the Dvabzu village, Ozurgeti district, Georgia. The company's primary activity is the extraction and processing of bentonite clays. Our company possesses the plant equipped with the latest machinery produced in Germany. Moreover, the plant has its own laboratory staffed by highly qualified personnel with long-term experience in this field. Our company owns two mines for extraction of bentonite clays, whereby we can produce a wide range of high quality products. Our products are being exported to Europe and CIS, including such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Germany. Though currently the...

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The history of bentonite clay, starts 20 million years ago when underwater  volcano ash sedimentation in the seawater led to formation of the clay which is currently found in large quantities in the Guria region of Georgia. Professor Alexander Fersman, a prominent Soviet Russian geochemist and mineralogist, and Academician of the Soviet Academy of Sciences Alexander_Fersman first discovered the bentonite clay in Georgia in 1913. When the professor began his expedition, Georgia was a part of the Russian Empire. Bentonite clay, discovered by...

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